Friday, October 3, 2008

Great Hair

So with Princess in school now I have to do her hair so it stays put. I mean stays...LOL. I like for her to look her best whenever possible. All my kids really.

Here she is outside of school. See isn't her hair nice and neat. Here's what I did:

I pulled back two portions on either side of her part (I perfer to part it on the side since is how her cowliks lay and those fine baby hairs go) and use a tiny holder. Wrap it around a couple of times but not many as it will end up holding on it's own. Then I use the pointy end of the fishtail comb to seperate a part below the pony holder. Then I slip the pony tail through and pull to tighten. There I have a nice and neat knot. So put another one in so there are two on each side. This helps keep her hair back and off her face. Sometimes I will add some pomade to the hair before I make the pony knots.
Sometimes I just leave the back down but she has been asking for ponytails. Her teacher wears pony's alot and I think she wants to be like her. How cute. So I added some pomade to the hair left over and pulled it all into one ponytail at the back. Again I seperated the hair and slipped the ponytail throughit and pulled but this time I went the other way so the ponytail fell down over the knot. I slipped on a nice big bow to hold it in place.

Believe it or not IT STAYED all day. She looked just as cute at pick up as she did when I dropped her off. YEAH!
I find a lot of my ideas here at Hair Today.


Anonymous said...

I read that blog, too. Maybe I got the link for you. I love her hair like that. Very cute! I, also am all about keeping hair out of the face.

Kritta22 said...

WOW! You are amazing!! Nice hair! Coming over from Momdot! I'll be back!