Friday, October 26, 2007

Report cards and Red Devil

Parent Teacher conference's were last night. They went very well and I am so happy with this new school. (see Stacy not all D11 schools suck - just Monroe and Russell) The boys are doing great. Monkey has all P's and 1 P+. LittleMan has 4 A's, 2 B's and 1 C. His C is in writing - he forgets how to spell the simple words when writing paragraphs. This is his first "letter" report card and darn it I think he did just great. They both are above benchmark in all tests they give them.

Chef - oh boy - so he calls Wednesday night "I get to be an aggressor tomorrow. I can't wait!" I said okay honey whatever floats your boat - you have fun and don't kill too many of your friends." So last night he calls. "I am so sore! It's my fault though. " I said yep it is so did you have fun. He replies "Yes! I'll see you tomorrow." Okay dear night. I swear Red Devil was just a way for grown men to play Cowboys and Indians.

God bless our men fighting everyday for our freedom and bring them home safe. Two in particular - David and Paul. Welcome home Nick!

Disclaimer: No one said I could spell or write so at least LittleMan comes by it honestly! LOL