Friday, October 26, 2007

Apple Seeds

So they are all eating apples. My 6 yr old insists that he is going to plant the seeds out front to grow a tree. I say that is a great idea but we won't live here when the tree starts to grow and no one will take care of it. He finishes up. As he leaves the table he says "When I turn 18 I will eat an apple, get the seeds and plant it in our back yard."

My 3yr old just said "I have a seed, Mommy. I found it myself. I am going to plant it out in the backyard." I said Honey we can't plant tree's on base. She replies "Okay I will put it back in my apple for later. With his brothers and sissers."


Sara said...

Keep blogging, I'm gonna link to you! And tell the boys I'm proud of them for their report cards. Great job!!!