Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Where's the time go?

I keep forgetting about this blog. Though I don't have many readers ...(LOL Thanks Sara!) Ummm what has been going on. NADA and a whole lot. My daycare went through an overhaul. All new kids - ALL GIRLS!!!!!!!!! OMG...LOL. It's been fun though and my daughter is happy. The girls have been awesome and for the most part no drama (saving that for the teens years). Did I mention thier all cute too. hehe. One reminds me of the Z girls.

The boys have thier parent/teacher conferences set for tomorrow night. I am excited because I know for the most part the reviews will be great. They are both enjoying this new school so much more then the one from last year. The teachers are so much more involved.

My oldest is getting too big. I think he takes his role as the "Man of the house while Daddy is out of town seriously."

So on Saturday there wasn't much trash in the inside can so I asked Ch'neu to carry it out for me. Fast forward to Monday. I am pulling the bag out to take outside and Ch'neu offers to take it out for me - I said okay as long as it isn't too heavy. He said no I got it. (sigh - so big) He comes back in and I say "Do you think you can move the cans to the curb like Dad does?" "Do they come today?" " No tomorrow morning." "Okay - I can do it" So I'm waiting and watching and I see he has took both cans out front. Okay so why isn't he inside? I run out to see what he is messing around with and he is taking the neighbors can to the curb for them WITHOUT BEING ASKED! (insert AWE here). He is growing up and trying to be such a caring guy.

This of course all stems after an afternoon of being teased cause he likes a girl and me trying to explain to him that by being a "Cool" guy he just has to let it roll off his back and if he likes her say "Yeah I do....SO?" or if thier just friends saying "She is my friend and she is a girl. SO?" LOL Goodness help me - I am not ready for this!