Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I know you are, but what am I?

So today was like any other school day. Off to the bus stop to send the boys off to have their minds molded into smart young men (or something like that).

We've been having issues at the bus stop with the people who live around there pulling their cars out in front of the bus (that has a stop sign pulled out HELLO!) and backing up with no regard to the children present...who have been present almost everyday since Aug.

So like a "good" bus stop mom today I risked life and limb for the good of all children. The bus happened to already be at the stop, loading up the children, when a lady pulled out of her garage. Seeing the look of determination on her face when she got out to close her garage door I stepped cautiously in the middle of the drive (you know the one the bus is currently blocking) up a bit of the ways to "attempt" to discourage her to not pull any closer to the bus (the one kids are loading on to). I turned to wave to the boys when I heard the car door close, ut oh I thought.

Yes, you guessed it...she tried it. She pulled her car up closer to me then attempted to pull over to the side to go AROUND me....(to get CLOSER then she already was to the loading bus). I, the ever "good" bus stop mom (LOL), stepped IN FRONT of her moving vehicle. (hold the applause please - nothing none of you wouldn't do).

She then rolled down her window. I sweetly said "You should wait a minute." To which she replied "I am, I just getting closer." So I again sweetly said "You need to wait right there, no reason to get closer to the bus." She huffed and rolled up her window.

Seriously, what WAS she going to do? Run me over in front of the school bus, 3 other "good" bus stop mom's and a grandma and my SIX daycare children (who were on the sidewalk mind you with Ms Jenny and Ms Shelly.)



Some people amaze me. (Actually they don't....I just surpress the urge to beat the crud out of all of them.

**On another note. E2 DID get run over....she tripped and M walked right over her.** (and yes I laughed...no one was hurt.)


Sara said...

I think I would have said something along the lines of "Impatient much? Their legs can only go so fast. Maybe you should have left earlier!"

Good thing it was you and not me!

Anonymous said...

*shaking finger* Now, now Holly. Don't you know that her errands are FAR more important the the lives and limbs of all those little ones climbing the stairs onto the bus?

*rolls eyes*

People like that are one of the few things that anger me.