Monday, March 23, 2009

Bringing school to blogging "Beauty"

As we all know (lol well some of us) I am in school online. Each week we have a discussion question that we have to answer and respond on. This is this week's question from my Creative Child class.

Everyone has had some experience with beauty and has a special idea about what is beautiful. It can be a very interesting experience to examine this concept with each of the five senses. Share with us the 3 most beautiful things (living or nonliving) that you have experience with your five senses. Why did you select those three things

Here is my response.

1. The birth of my daughter Abigail, she is our little angel, and when we learned that she would soon leave us. I can't even describe the feelings I had. I was in awe of the support my husband was able to give me, I was grateful for the chance I had to hold her and the pictures I have of our short time with her. I have a memory box that holds her dress and I can still smell her on it. I can taste the tears that rolled down my face as we said goodbye and the taste of my husbands when I kissed him on the cheek. Her birth and death brought us closer together then we've ever been. She is our angel. She is beautiful.

2. The view from in front of my house and anywhere else I am in Colorado Springs. Oh you know what I am talking about. After almost 5 yrs here I can not get over the beauty of the mountain range and Pikes Peak. It just fills me with peace everytime I see it. The colors are always different and it looks so inviting. I am able to remember the feel of the rocks under my feet when we drove to the top of Pikes Peak. The smell of the fresh crisp air as we climbed higher and higher. Oh and the taste of the doughnuts at the top. MMMM reminds me of funnal cake.

3. Oh goodness....I asked my friend Sara to help me with the third one. She jokingly said "Vanilla Bean Cheesecake" and well after thinking about it I couldn't agree more. I love food (as you can tell by my waist line) and lately I have had a hard time finding things that were completely enjoyable to me. They would just taste "alright" and not completley satisify me. Oh but this cheesecake. When they brought it out to me (from the Cheesecake factory) I was hesitant to take a bite. It looked so perfect and I didn't want to ruin it. The first bite was so smooth and creamy. A hint of flavor without being overly sweet. (mmmmm - road trip anyone?) I couldn't help but sigh. From the taste to the cold metal of the fork in my hands to the sighs from my friends as we all enjoyed our cheesecakes, just reminds me of friendship, happiness and togetherness. Who wouldn't find that beautiful.

I've chosen these three things to talk about because they have each brought me peace or reminded me of a time where I felt happiness and wonder.

What about you? What are three things YOU find beautiful and involve all 5 of your senses (or most of them) Respond in the comments if you answer can answer here or in your blog. Just be sure to come let me know to come and take a look. :-)


Sara said...

Dude. I. Need. Cheesecake.

And I will do the assignment too. but on my blog, because I've been short of posts of late!