Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Santa doesn't bring electronics!

Didn't you know that? LOL The boys keep asking for DS's - well one WOW and two I can't afford two. So we encouraged them to save thier money for it cause mommy and daddy can't afford it and other things for Christmas and Santa doesn't bring electronics.

It worked though and they have been working hard to save thier money and they should both be able to buy one in Jan (we're going to pay for half of the cost of one plus one game while they pay the other half).

Guess that makes the big ticket items (TV/DVD player) from mom and dad. We'll rock this year. :-)

We always try to get at least one "Santa letter" item for them every year.


Sara said...

At my house, Santa only brings three presents. Cause that's all Jesus got. However, I like the "Santa doesn't bring electronics" idea. I might have to use that in future years!!