Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Wow it's been awhile since I blogged. OPPS! Sorry man it's busy time of year isn't it.

I finished wrapping presents last night for my kids and hubby. My firend Angie invited me over to hang out and laughed at me when I showed up with a box full of presents and wrapping paper. HEY I had to get it done and when's a better time then just hanging out...LOL. She kept saying "Man I just watched you wrap all that" Yeah thanks for the help FRIEND. hehe. It was all good though - her DD helped though as well as she could anyways. My cute little paper crusher and sisscor stealer (no baby's were harmed in this experience). She even helped mom clean up by throwing the stuff back into a plastic bag. Man way to make them work before a year old there Angie.

Oh then I get home right thinking YES! I'm done - what do I find in the garage as I'm unloading - a little bag with more gifts form the kids to each other in it. Darn it gotta get that done now FIGURES LOL.

brb gonna load some pic into Photobucket so I can share out "sledding fun".