Sunday, September 20, 2009

Time for some FOOTBALL!

Week 2 against Ft Carson.

The first half just FLEW by with neither team getting anywhere near scoring.

The Ft Carson brought it and scored. Next play was ours but they intercepted and then the ball was theirs again. Which of course since we were right there they were able to score again. Half time came with it 12-0.

Half time huddle with a pep talk from Coach Tony.

The Coach overseeing his boys!
The second half brought 2 touchdown's almost immediately by our Saints. Now we're 12-12 and the Saints bring it with the extra point. 13-12

Another inception (on our side) brought us to the finally with another touchdown for the Saints.

Final score 20-12!

This was a great game played by both teams. There were many inceptions by each side and many many flags were thrown. LOL Even Little Man had a Flag thrown on him for "rushing" the Quarterback. Opps!