Thursday, August 13, 2009

So glad I didn't google this...

So it started with a call from Germany....

Sara called and mentioned this book cover she saw at the BX (military shopping center for you civies). The title was Sexy Beast VI and all the cover showed was a half nakkid man with no head and a loin cloth. I mean seriously....IN the BX in the book section where little kids can roam.


So me...being who I am...looked it up on Amazon (cause frankly I was scared of what I'd find if I just googled the title - YIKES (I dare someone to google it though...LOL)

There are EIGHT books with this title by this author and they ALL have half nekkid men on them.

What could they possibly be about to where they needed eight versions of it?

This is the Amazon description:

In "Chanku Rising", written by Kate Douglas, Xandi, Keisha, Stefan and Anton share a powerful secret: they are shapeshifters whose primal power and heightened senses bring an added ecstasy to their lovemaking that is beyond all words. Now, one of their own is threatened by a danger from the outside, from one determined to expose their sexy secrets, and the friends will go to any lengths to save her and their clan...

"Tiger, Tiger" is written by Tiger Noelle Mack. In the demon-haunted Himalayas, where illusion and reality are often one and the same, strange things happen. For a hard-bodies, world-class climber - a man of unearthly sensuality - that border will be challenged in the most erotic of encounters. In the guise of a blue-eyed snow tiger, he is able to lure one intrepid woman into his mountain lair and show her that the line between man and beast is blissfully slim indeed...

"Night Of The Jaguar", is written by Vivi Anna. When Myra Galas finally takes her dream trip to the Amazon, she never imagines it will end in tragedy. Wounded and alone, Myra's mind is stalked by a dark, sexy male - sometimes man, sometimes jaguar - she inexplicably craves with every inch of her body. When she wakes to find herself in his powerful arms, he stirs something deep inside her - an ancient, hedonistic desire clawing to be set free...

Customer Review:

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5.0 out of 5 stars three exhilaratingly heated supernatural romance...

Wow just wow....I do not endorse this book series as I have not, nor have any intention of reading them.

Seriously they couldn't of come up with a better cover? or title for that matter?

Sara - no more stories from the BX k?

I should run and see if ours carries as well....think Walmart does?